Founder/Designer/Boss: Olivia
Founded: 2016, London, UK
Company Size: 1 Employee
One word that defines your brand: Other-worldly
A word from the designer: Loonigans isn’t just about looking out of this world! We also want to look after this world! Each piece is hand made to order and all of our sequins scraps are up-cycled into our accessories or headdresses and bum bags made by other independent brands. Our reversible swimwear collection is also made with a Life Recycled Lycra.. made with regenerated ocean waste such as plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets.. making LOONIGANS a fully sustainable and ethical brand!

Shop: www.loonigans.com
Instagram: @loonigans
Twitter: @loonigansLDN
Facebook: @loonigans
Pinterest: @loonigans

Lime Blonde


Founder/Designer/Boss: Kirsty
Founded: 2015, Scotland, UK
Company Size: 1 Employee & Interns
One word that defines your brand: Rainbow
A word from the designer: We make every single order by hand in our studio and nothing brings us more happiness than seeing you angels wear our clothing. It has been my dream for as long as I can remember.

Shop: www.limeblonde.co.uk
Instagram: @limeblonde

We Koko


Founder/Designer/Boss: Ana & Lloyd
Founded: 2016, London, UK
Company Size: 4 Employee
One word that defines your brand: Eclectic
A word from the designer: We appreciate the support we have been given over the last few years and to our latest collection wildflower and we will continue to bring you guys unique designer from the best independent fashion brands from around the world 🙂

Shop: www.wekoko.com
Instagram: @wekoko



Founder/Designer/Boss: Laura
Founded: 2017, Brisbane, Australia
Company Size: 2 Employee
One word that defines your brand: Quirky
A word from the designer: We are completely hand made. Every single process is made by us right here in Brisbane. We hand make all our patterns, source fabrics, cut out your orders and sew them together. We are also ‘made to order’ and because of that are able to make customizations to each order if needed.

Shop: www.zalie.com.au
Instagram: @zalie___


Crop Top Channel

Founder/Designer/Boss: Amanda
Founded: 2015, Kent, UK
Company Size: 1 Employee
One word that defines your brand: Empowering
A word from the designer: Something a little bit different is my age, I am 45 years old. I was one of the original ravers in the 90’s and still adore the clothes as its a chance to get dressed up however you damn well please!

Shop: www.croptopchannel.co.uk (discount code: festioutfitinspo)
Instagram: @croptopchannel



Founder/Designer/Boss: Branden
Founded: 2016, Orange County, CA
Company Size: 2 Employees
One word that defines your brand: Daring
A word from the designer: I started my brand at 19 years old right after graduating high school because I had such a hard time finding outfits that were bright and bold. BGLITZZ is known for our bold statement pieces.

Shop: www.shopbglittz.com (discount code: festioutfit)
Instagram: @shopbglittz
Facebook: @shopbglittz
Twitter: @shopbglittz

Ladee Taha

Ladee Taha

Founder/Designer/Boss: Renee
Founded: 2015, Australia & Bali
Company Size: 5 Employees
One word that defines your brand: Creative
A word from the designer: Everything is designed by me- and is made by hand with lots of care and love. I love colour and detail!

Shop: www.ladeetaha.com
Instagram: @ladeetaha
Facebook: @ladeetaha